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    I was born in 1942, in Bucharest, Romania. However, I live in Sweden since 1977.
    As a fine artist, I work with oil on canvas, water colours and pencil drawings.
    My works are spread out into private collections all over the world: in Romania, in Germany, in Spain, in Israel, in Sweden, in Japan, and in the USA.

    Some main exhibitions:

    • Galleri OCISCO, Gothenburg (Sweden), 1983
    • Galleri OCISCO, Gothenburg (Sweden), 1984
    • Galerie Espace Laser, Paris (France), 1988
    • Galerie Espace Laser, Paris (France), 1989
    • The Art Show Studio in Skogås (Stockholm, Sweden), 1993

    Bibliography: Fine Artists Directories

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    Some Art Works:

    Here you are some art works and their quotations:

    1. "Mortua est",
      triptych, oil on canvas, 176 x 61 cm, 1986
          price: 1,375 USD
    2. "Nude",
      pencil drawing, 21 x 30 cm, 1987
          price: 100 USD
    3. "La machine infernale",
      pencil drawing, 41 x 33 cm, 1988
          price: 225 USD
    4. "The Hedberg House in Sundsvall",
      water-colours, 21 x 30 cm, 1989
          price: 250 USD
    5. "Athletics 1",
      oil on canvas, 41 x 33 cm, 1989
          price: 350 USD

    USD = US dollars.
    The prices do not include freight. The art works are delivered with no frames.

    These art works are still to sell .

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